Ambit Energy Review

Ambit Energy Review by Rhonda Clark

Ambit Energy review

In this Ambit Energy Review, I will touch on the good, the bad, and the ugly about Ambit Energy, I’d like to give a brief introduction into how I came about working in direct sales…    

I have been in Direct Sales that dates me back to when my children were babies, (that takes me back to the 70’s). I was your typical young housewife trying to help out with the finances while staying home and raising the kids! I was your Avon Lady! Did I hear bad things about Avon? Yes. Is Avon still going strong, even though there are literally thousands and thousands of beauty companies in the world fighting ferociously with their products? Yes!

Back in those days, I was easily talked into things, so when a Mary Kay Rep got a hold of me, it was all over for Avon. I soon started plastering masks all over womens faces and giving them makeovers for a New Look!  Did I hear bad things about Mary Kay? Yes. Is Mary Kay still going strong despite the millions of makeup companies that are on the market today? Yes!

I was then talked into the health and nutritional side of direct sales companies by a real close friend, and became a Shaklee rep and did quite well selling pills and potions! Did I hear bad things about Shaklee? Yes. Is Shaklee still going strong despite it’s fierce competitors which is in the thousands and thousands? Yes!

  I was later convinced to be a rep for Home Interiors, and seeing we had built a new home, I thought it was a pretty neat way to get some “free” pictures and decorations all while selling classy products to people. Did I get negative feedback about the company? Yes. Is Home Interiors still going strong…well, it was bought by another company who merged with their products, so in a sense, Yes! 

Taking a bit of a break during a rough time in my life, I was not your typical MLM’er for a few years, but after the dust settled, I got back into the swing of things when one of my adult music students shared her success with a company called Celebrating Home. Did I do well with this? Yes. Did I hear negative comments about the company? Yes. Is it still going strong despite the millions of products on the market similar or the same as what they offer? Yes!

Having Used up my warm market several times over for hosting parties, and not being one to push myself onto the cold market to host parties, I had to face reality that I was not cut out to be a party girl even though I liked their products, and still do to this day. In fact, a current catalog sits on my coffee table in case I want to order from the lady who is still doing this years later and is very successful as it is her “niche”. So where did I go from there?

I started the infamous search all network marketers go through, and that is trying a little bit of everything that looks good and believable online, and found myself gullible and desperate enough to think I could actually get rich over night as promised, but only ended up losing money, not gaining money!  So where to next?

AH! This is where it gets good in my Ambit Energy Review!

To make a long story short, I was NOT looking for Ambit Energy. It found ME through a series of coincidences all starting from my need for some new bulbs for my infrared heaters!  I immediately inquired about this opportunity, drilled this man till he was ready to strangle a perfect stranger….well after all, I was NOT about to get involved in any scam again after having been taken so bad by the fly by night programs online that had me running scared!

Being 99.9% convinced this was most likely going to be the BEST company out of ALL the companies I ever was a rep/consultant for, I still needed a little more convincing before settling in for the long haul with hopefully the right company and the right owner. This was going to be my final choice in life, so I had to know it would be around as long as the others I mentioned earlier in this post, which are still going strong despite their fierce competitors.

Who could I ask?

AHA! My Student who has been coming for piano lessons for 10 years now! He is one of the TOP lawyers in NYS. He can find out the tiniest flaws in any company, and the owner! So I gave him some homework along with his regular music assignment.  I wanted to know the truth. Should I join up with this company, or stay far away from it? The next week, he came after doing his own Ambit Energy Review, and he handed me all of his information for not only his home, but his business. and ALL his rental properties and said to switch them all over to Ambit Energy, and told me to get in this company ASAP and stay with them for the long haul. He said I could not have found a better owner and company in the USA when completing his Ambit Energy Review with other energy supply companies. WOW! I couldn’t wait to get on board!

Now, in this Ambit Energy Review, what about the bad and the ugly? Have I heard negative things about the company? Yes. There are negative people out there that love to run down other companies or people, that’s life! Do I believe it? NO! WHY? Because I have my own private detective to whom I can take the negative facts to and ask him to dig into them and find out if it is true, and it always comes back that they are false statements. Competitors are always going to run down their competition and spread rumors. It’s up to us whether or not we choose to believe it or not. Ambit Energy Review

Are they going strong despite their fierce competitors popping up all around  them? You bet they are! Will they still be going strong years from now? I will stake everything I earn in this company to say a huge YES!

  This is what my wonderful mentor and sponsor had to say, and with this I will close in my own personal  Ambit Energy Review ending with the GOOD!

Ambit energy review

Ambit Energy Review

Rick Durham…

Hi Team!

I have so many responses to all of these “what ifs”  but the bottom line is that the same applies to ANY venture in life or business! Heck, APPLE is struggling a bit now with new competition in a changing world but I have no doubt they’ll be around forever and I believe they are battling a law suit or 2 also! (If its even true we are battling any lawsuits!)

All I know is that Ambit Energy has an A+ rating with the BBB with over 1 million customers and 1 billion in revenue and We’re the 14th LARGEST direct seller in the WORLD and we are still a BABY!  We are expanding all across the U.S. and eventually globally and I won’t spend an ounce of my time trying to convince negative people to be my business partner when SO MANY others are out there that IMMEDIATELY see this opportunity and are ready to ride this amazing vehicle to financial freedom! We have new ECs promoting every 5 days or so it seems and those are only the ones we hear about in our line starting from NC Steve Thompson down! I will work with skeptical people but NOT negative people.
Ambit Energy Review

Ambit Energy has changed my life and will continue to change the lives of so many more who have faith that even though we will have our growing pains we will overcome day to day challenges just like all other successful companies do! Sorry to rant folks……

To OUR success!!!! 

Ambit Energy review


Ambit Energy Review

Ambit Energy is helping thousands of people see goals and dreams come true & achieve Financial Freedom.

Ambit Energy is creating Millionaires! Will YOU become one of them?

 Ambit Energy Review

Ambit Energy Review


Ambit Energy Review

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