Shepadoodles by Rhonda Clark


Hi Rhonda,

Just wanted to send a quick note and tell you how great everything is going with Daisy.  She has gotten so big and fluffy – just a delight to have around the house.  We have now started calling her “Sweet D”.  Super smart and has been very easy to train!  She’s a great addition to our family!




Hi Rhonda,

Hope you are well and summer was good to you.

Just thought you’d like to hear about our Rozzie. She is growing fast…35 lbs and has very long legs. She is curious and happy. She gets along very well with our 9 year old, Powder. They are often curled up with each other lying in the sun.

Rozzie truly thinks that she is a lap dog. Every night she climbs on one of our laps and falls asleep like a ( giant ) baby.

All in all, she is happy in NJ and of course, is positively loved by all.

image (1)



Hi Rhonda,

Cormac is coming up on his first birthday. He’s a perfect companion and a gorgeous boy. Picture attached”

photo (1) shepadoodles


“Good morning Rhonda. Just sending you a quick message to let you know that Ellie, the kids finally decided on a name, is doing very well. She is a super sweet cuddle bug and is super smart. We all love her!”




Dylan. Shipped to Dr. Glenn and Jamie Goldring in Tennessee out of the 2013 litter!

Dylan 7 monthsshepadoodles


Hope all is well. Dylan is doing great! He is one of the sweetest dogs we have had in last 40 years. The pictures are of him at 7 months and after he was clipped yesterday. He will be 10 months next wk.

Take Care

Dr. Glenn

Thank You Dr. Glenn and Jamie for putting your faith, trust and confidence in me to buy a Shepadoodle puppy from so far away!  

We are loving Shae.
A fantastic new member of the family – I am pushing hard to get her a brother! Dan M.


(4 months old, notice he is wearing the Pet Protector Disk, it really works!) 

Falling Asleep during his photo shoot! 



 “This is “Kierra” 8 wks, she left Sunday, 9/2/2013 and is in her new home down in Maryland with her Family!”

“What a little Ham” It’s written all over her face! 


“Thank you Rhonda! She’s been absolutely wonderful; a very happy pup! Anthony and I have been taking pics of her everyday and doing an age progression. I’ll make sure to send you that along with any really good photos we take! Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful and happy puppy.”


Update on Kierra ~ 12 weeks old!



Go here on my website to read about these fantastic dogs. These dogs are combination of two of the top smartest breeds, German Shepherd and Standard Poodle make these one AWESOME DOG to own! People are coming from other states to get these, get on the list quick!



Shepadoodles make a GREAT Family dog, or as a companion if you are all alone. They are a very friendly dog, but they will want to protect you or your loved ones if the need arise and something serious is happening that they know needs your help.

They are used for therapy dogs, guide dogs, helper dogs, agility courses, sheep herding trials, you name it! They are an all around, fun loving, sporty, yet loyal and protective loving dog that will want to lay at your feet, curl up with you on the couch, go for rides, and sleep with you in the bed!

“Isaac…above & Below…

Here are Faith and Jake, two out of the previous litter that went to Massachusetts to live together. They came to buy one, and left with two!

Jake at 9 months, they call him a Shepadoodle

Faith at 9 months, they call her a Poodle Shepherd!


Faith and Jake Waiting and Watching!


Quote, “They are still lap dogs and doing good” Kurt



” They are looking real good, still no regrets. I believe this mix of breed is a great combination, you can quote that if you would like. We are thinking of taking a ride to check out the new pups, keep us informed on what is happening, thanks.” Kurt and Doreen



and MORE….

photo 1photo 2

photo (2)


Just dropping you a line Jake and Faith are doing great!!!!”

 So you can see from what he wrote, no regrets! People are often unsure of getting a mixed breed, but once people own a Shepadoodle, they say they never get any other breed!


*Alex, from South Carolina, had a Shepadoodle shipped to their family and made the following statement only a few days after getting “Sasha”…

“We could not be happier with Sasha. I took her to work and she was so sweet and calm.  Thank you again for a wonderful dog! 

Hopefully I can get Candace to agree for another soon.” Alex

“By the way Sasha is so darn sweet it drives me nuts. I love her to death.” Alex

As you can see from the pictures sent of Sasha right after getting her, these dogs get along wonderful with “little” people! Alex’s remarks prove these dogs are fantastic! Once you get one, you will see what I mean! 




She is a WONDERFUL Mother!


Green BoySOLD! Lives in Oregon! 

Purple BoySold! Lives in Pennsylvania!

Black Boy” SOLD! Lives in Toronto!

Shepadoodle girls”
Orange GirlSOLD! Lives in NYS!



White Girl” SOLD!

(She flew to South Carolina!)

 “ZOEYSOLD! Lives in NYS!


Jacob, the Proud Daddy!”


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 Shepadoodle and German Shepherd Policy to Purchase a Puppy:

a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit (which is deducted from the full amount owed) is required to keep your name on the list as a definite for getting a puppy. This ensures me that you are serious about a puppy. This deposit is required when the puppies reach the age of 2 weeks. Where ever you are on the list, that is where you remain.

1. Non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is to be paid when commitment is given to buy a puppy. Balance is to be paid in full when puppy is picked up.

2. Puppy can be shipped via Delta Airlines. I can arrange Flight and pay for airfare on my end, which means you pay in full for the puppy, shipping expenses and airfare prior to puppy being shipped. 


3. My shipping expenses paid in full, plus payment for puppy prior to shipping. Puppy is shipped *C.O.D. which means you pay for airfare fee as soon as puppy arrives to you. You make arrangements with Delta Airlines for flight and C.O.D. arrangements. *This is the BEST way when shipping.

Call to discuss the price of shipping a puppy. Cost can vary slightly due to size and weight of puppy and crate size. 
Puppy is always shipped via Delta Airlines by DASH which thus far has always been $350.00
(Airline prices could go up, thus why we need to call Delta and find out)

FEES needing to be paid ahead of time before puppy is shipped are the following:

 Airline Approved Crate: $120.00 (may be more if the puppy is older and needs a larger crate)

Vet Fees: $50.00 (includes Shipping papers, exam, shots and wormed)

Time, Gas, & expenses needed for shipping$180.00

Flight Fee: $350 (could be more if puppy is over a certain weight)

The Total Estimated Cost to Ship an 8-12 week puppy is$700.00

*You must also remember there is the “price of the puppy” to be paid as well. It is not cheap to ship a puppy, but in the end, well worth it if you get one from a reputable Breeder who can be trusted. 

This is to be paid in full by Pay Pal or Bank Transfer Deposit before being taken to the vets, before crate is purchased, & before flight has been scheduled. Once puppy has been thoroughly examined and given shipping papers from vet, a crate will be purchased and flight will be scheduled to accommodate both parties work schedules. If per chance puppy does not get a clean bill of health and no shipping papers are given, you have two options:

*Pick another puppy (if there are more available) to be taken to get vet checked, or,

*Refund of money minus the Vet Fee

(Long distance shipping I do not accept money orders or checks)

German Shepherd Puppies: $800.00

Shepadoodle Puppies: $800.00

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