German  Shepherd-Shepadoodle Puppy Updates From Customers

 german shepherd-shepadoodle by Rhonda Clark

German Shepherd-Shepadoodle updates are the highlight of my day! I love receiving emails with pictures and comments. Phone calls are a real treat, especially when I hear how happy people are with their dog! I listen to how he or she has enriched lives in so many ways as only a dog can do!

I made a special post for new pictures and comments from all my puppy customers. Two main pages, the Shepadoodles, and German Shepherds posts are going to end up way too long if I continue to place updated pictures on both, thus the need for a new page!

There will be Shepadoodles and German Shepherds here of all different ages. Some as young as a few days after leaving here, and then updated pictures of the same puppy will be posted further down. There are a few duplicates when it comes to names, such as Duke and Dude!

There is no particular order. As I receive them, they will be posted! 

German Shepherd-Shepadoodle Pictures and comments…


“Einstein” in OREGON!





german Shepherd

“MAX” Growing up! 

german shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherd

Max-9 months old 10/2013

german shepherd

“Louku” enjoying Colorado! 

german shepherdgerman shepherd


german shepherd

“Grif” (on right!)

german shepherdgerman shepherd


“Sheldon the Shepdoodle”


german Shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherd


german shepherdgerman shepherd

“Faith & Jake”



german shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherd


german shepherdgerman shepherd

“ZEUS” Heidi’s look-a-like! AMAZNG!  

(2 yrs old here-10/2013)

german shepherd


german shepherd


Heidi’s Sister, Zinnie who lives next door! 

“Dude” (A different Dude!)

german shepherd

“Loki” His progression from baby to grown up!

german shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherd


german shepherd-shepadoodlegerman shepherd-shepadoodlegerman shepherd-shepadoodlegerman shepherd-shepadoodlegerman shepherd-shepadoodle


german shepherd-shepadoodlegerman shepherd-shepadoodle

“a Different Dude @ 6 months”

german shepherd-shepadoodlegerman shepherd-shepadoodle


german shepherd-shepadoodle

“Cormac”  (ShepaDoodle)

german shepherd-shepadoodlegerman shepherd-shepadoodle

DYLAN  at 4 Months (Lives in Tennessee!)


german shepherd
“Duke” (the most recent Duke from 2013 litter)
german shepherdgerman shepherd
“Faith” ONE YEAR OLD 11/2013
“Jake”  ONE YEAR OLD 11/2013
german shepherd
german shepherd
ZOEY the Shepadoodle with her friend! 
german shepherd
“OSH” (3 months old)
german shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherd
 My Crew Chilling Out!
 left to right:
Britta (in hallway), Ursa (behind her mom), Cherokee, Hansel, Riley (with sweater on), Apache, Gretel, Jacob (the poodle), Fiona (the other GS pup), Isaac (the Shepadoodle)
german shepherds
german shepherds
german shepherds shepadoodle
Looks like I sheered a sheep! 
The New and Improved Jacob!

Who says Dogs hate CRATES? LOL!
My Gretel squeezed herself into the puppy crate and would not let the Puppies in!
Finally Ursa got to go in! 
german shepherdgerman shepherdgerman shepherd
german shepherd

german shepherd
german shepherdgerman shepherd
More Pictures of Shepadoodles ===> CLICK HERE
german shepherd-shepadoodle
If you don’t see your dog on my site, send me pictures and a comment…
german shepherd-shepadoodle
german shepherd-shepadoodle
 Shepadoodle and German Shepherd Policy to Purchase a Puppy:
a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit (which is deducted from the full amount owed) is required to keep your name on the list as a definite for getting a puppy. This ensures me that you are serious about a puppy. This deposit is required when the puppies reach the age of 2 weeks. Where ever you are on the list, that is where you remain.

1. Non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is to be paid when commitment is given to buy a puppy. Balance is to be paid in full when puppy is picked up.

2. Puppy can be shipped via Delta Airlines. I can arrange Flight and pay for airfare on my end, which means you pay in full for the puppy, shipping expenses and airfare prior to puppy being shipped.


3. My shipping expenses paid in full, plus payment for puppy prior to shipping. Puppy is shipped *C.O.D. which means you pay for airfare fee as soon as puppy arrives to you. You make arrangements with Delta Airlines for flight and C.O.D. arrangements. *This is the BEST way when shipping.

Call to discuss the price of shipping a puppy. Cost can vary slightly due to size and weight of puppy and crate size.
Puppy is always shipped via Delta Airlines by DASH which thus far has always been $350.00
(Airline prices could go up, thus why we need to call Delta and find out)

FEES needing to be paid ahead of time before puppy is shipped are the following:

Airline Approved Crate: $120.00 (may be more if the puppy is older and needs a larger crate)

Vet Fees: $50.00 (includes Shipping papers, exam, shots and wormed)

Time, Gas, & expenses needed for shipping$180.00

Flight Fee: $350 (could be more if puppy is over a certain weight)

The Total Estimated Cost to Ship an 8-12 week puppy is$700.00

*You must also remember there is the “price of the puppy” to be paid as well. It is not cheap to ship a puppy, but in the end, well worth it if you get one from a reputable Breeder who can be trusted.

This is to be paid in full by Pay Pal or Bank Transfer Deposit before being taken to the vets, before crate is purchased, & before flight has been scheduled. Once puppy has been thoroughly examined and given shipping papers from vet, a crate will be purchased and flight will be scheduled to accommodate both parties work schedules. If per chance puppy does not get a clean bill of health and no shipping papers are given, you have two options:

*Pick another puppy (if there are more available) to be taken to get vet checked, or,

*Refund of money minus the Vet Fee

(Long distance shipping I do not accept money orders or checks)

German Shepherd Puppies$800.00

Shepadoodle Puppies$800.00


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