Advertise Your Business Online & Offline 

Advertise Your Business by Rhonda Clark


Advertising Your Business online/offline using any or all of the methods listed below can bring results when done consistently, and with a determination to make your dreams and goals become a reality. 

Let’s get right down to how to Advertise Your Business so you can start seeing results and earn an income.

You can use what appeals to you, implement one at a time, develop a routine, then move on to the next method. Continue to use what works, discard what doesn’t. Don’t waste valuable time on methods that give no return on your efforts. 

Now that doesn’t mean you try it once or twice and quit. Give it at least 2-6 months to see what results it may bring to your business. If you get little or no results, stop using it.  You can always go back to it and try again later.  Remember, what may work for one person, may not work for someone else.

That’s when you need to move on to something that does work. Remember, your time is valuable, make wise use of it. Be dedicated and committed, set goals, push your way through the difficult, discouraging times, NEVER QUIT….

Advertise Your Business

 Advertise Your Business-“Free Ways”

#1. Business Cards. There are programs you can get for your computer to make your own business cards, or you can order online. Remember, you are not promoting junk, so don’t use cheap flimsy cards that take away from your professional business opportunity. You only get one shot at it when you leave your card, make it stand out so people will look and not throw it out. VistaPrint is where I order my business cards. This will be your only expense, then it is FREE advertising handing out your cards. It will only cost you your time!

Keep some cards in your pants/coat pockets, in your wallet, purse, vehicles, by the front door to hand out to your mail carrier, UPS or Delivery man, friends or neighbors who show up, customers if you own a business, or when you run errands.  Every time I sell a puppy, a business card is attached to the puppy care sheet.

Tack them up in shops, stores, restaurants, college boards. Any place that has a board for advertising that allows free, public advertising. Some businesses will let you place cards on a window sill next to the door or checkout counter. Look for places to leave them. Leave them on store shelves, on the *driver side window of vehicles, hand them out to people while waiting in check out lines. Advertise Your Business

Cards are not to be scattered all over the ground or to be put on every windshield in every parking lot. People will be annoyed if they have to get out of their car to remove the card from under their windshield, so leave it tucked down in the window and frame of the door ON the driver side.

Ask if you can leave some at your Doctor or Dentists office. When you are there, leave a few on the tables where the magazines are. Insert one into the magazine you are reading while you are waiting. The next person who picks that magazine up, could be your next business partner or customer.  Advertise Your Business

When leaving a restaurant, don’t forget to tip, and give the waitress a card. When someone performs a service for you, give them your business card. Advertise Your Business

Going to an indoor/outdoor event? Take a few minutes to place a card on a few vehicles (remember, the driver side window). It’s FREE advertising. VISTA PRINT.COM

Advertise Your Business

#2. Drop Cards.  Drop cards are a simple way to advertise your product or your opportunity. This is the only expense, the advertising is FREE. A drop card is a small card the size of a business card that tells a short quick story to entice the looker to call the number or visit your website. You can get drop cards that look like money or you can get cards that just have a catchy saying. Advertise Your Business

Put in envelopes when paying your bills. Remember, a real person opens the mail. When you get mail that has self addressed pre-paid envelopes? Don’t throw them out! Put a Drop Card in the envelope and stick it in the mail. Remember, a real person on the other end is going to open it! Take advantage of companies who send those out. 

Bookstores and magazine racks. Insert a card into a couple books or magazines. Boxes that have slots such as 12 packs of soda, or diapers, slip one into the slot, partially lift the plastic covers off coffee cans and insert a card and snap back down. Be creative in the stores! Advertise Your Business

Advertise Your Business


  • TIRED OF YOUR BOSS? Work from home, be your own boss!
  • Learn how to make more part time then at your full time J.O.B.
  • Stay at home moms,  make money part time from home while being with your kids.
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  • Own your own business. Work from home. Pay Off debts. $2000 to $5000 PT/FT
  • You only need to be at the right place at the right time once. Don’t miss it!
  • Are you looking for a way out of the rat race?
  • There are so many saying you can put on a drop card. Try several see what one gets you the most calls. Track your replies.

Advertise Your Business

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Advertise Your Business

#3. Car window/Door Magnets. These can be purchased online or at a local print shop and will be your only expense. After the initial purchase, the advertising is FREE! Just remember this concept when designing your magnet…DON’T try to sell. Be very simple and say something along the lines such as..




Advertise Your Business

#4. Parent Sporting Events.  Share your opportunity with parents as you watch the game. Remember, most parents want to spend more time with their kids. You could be the vehicle to more time with their family. Advertise Your Business

#5. Car Lots.  Stop at car dealerships and ask sales people if they would be open to making some extra money if it didn’t interrupt their business at work. They already understand what it means to work on commission! Advertise Your Business

#6. Charity Events.  The people at these are usually people who “Care” about people and want to help others. Talk to people when you go to these events, share your business card. Pick up cards of others, call them the next day. Advertise Your Business

#7. Trade Show Boothes.  These are people already trying to earn an income, or make extra money, so go around and pick up business cards, give them a call the next day or within a few days before you lose your enthusiasm or forget to do it. Remember, part of being successful is putting off procrastination and doing it now! 

Advertise Your Business

Advertise Your Business

#8. Bandit Signs.  You are probably wondering, what are bandit signs? They are corrugated plastic signs you see on the sides of roads. You can buy the materials and make your own if you are handy/artistic, or get some made at a print shop. Once you have them, you have them forever. Be creative as to where you place them. Advertise Your Business

Do you have a local corner where everyone puts yard sale signs? Stick one there when the community yard sales are on. People are going to stop to read about sales, they will see your sign. You never know who will write down your name and number and call you. Put them in your yard, ask a friend if you can put one in their yard for a few weeks if they live in a high traffic area. Don’t take advantage of their kindness. Remove after a week or two. You can always go back another time.  Advertise Your Business

#9. Realtor Signs.  While we are on the subject of signs in yards, when you see Realtor signs, write down their name and number and call them. Ask if they keep their options open to making more money outside of real state. Again, these people are used to working on a commission so they will understand a compensation plan quicker than most people. Advertise Your Business

#10. Realtor books.  On the topic of Realtors, every town/city has Realtor books that are LOADED with realtors. Write down names and numbers and devote some time to cold calling. 

Advertise Your Business

Advertise Your Business continued…

11. Toll Boothes. “Pay it Forward”  you leave a few extra dollars with the toll person, ask them to apply it to the persons toll in back of you. Ask him or her to give your business card when explaining how the car ahead of them wanted to help pay their toll fee. Oh, and give a card to the toll person too!   Advertise Your Business

Advertise Your Business

#12. Clothing Marketing.  Buttons, Hats, Shirts, jackets with your company logo, name, or a simple statement. Remember, this is vital, always answer them by asking a question back. Get them to talk about themselves, and what they need. Get the individual to see their need first, then, and only then offer them a solution.   Advertise Your Business

#13. Restaurant Owners.   Ask if they would like to join your business opportunity, and in return, you will hold meetings on a regular basis to give them business. Once again, these people are business owners who understand what it means to own and operate a franchise and could be very open to earning extra income. Advertise Your Business

#14. Church Events. There will be opportunities to share with individuals at appropriate times.  Advertise Your Business

#15. Networking Events. Go to meetings in your area. Chamber of Commerce is a place where businessmen and women gather for meetings. Ask for business cards, follow up the next day while they may recall you asking for their card. DO NOT pitch your company/products. Just grab up as many business cards as possible and follow up the next day. Advertise Your Business

#16. Warm Market.  When you approach people you know with the right motive, people are going to be more receptive. If they sense you want them to join, only to benefit you? It’s a recipe for failure right out of the gate.  Advertise Your Business

#17. Warm Market Referrals. Now, if you still get along great with your warm market, ask for referrals! It is that simple.  Advertise Your Business

#18. This gives a Calender of Events in an area to be able to go to. Go and grab up as many business cards as you can. Then do the follow up. Advertise Your Business

#19. Google Search Professionals.  Find names of professionals in your area and cold call. Ask the simple question “would you be open to earning some extra money?” Advertise Your Business

 #20. Google Search Realtors in your area.  Similar to what we have talked about previously, but with a different approach to coming up with names and numbers that may be easier than going to the Realtor books in your town/city.  Advertise Your Business

#21. Google Search Financial Planners. These people work with money every day. Show them the comp plan to a successful business and you may have some takers! Advertise Your Business

#22. CraigsList- Active approach. The secret is to never put your Link/Url in an ad. Have people call or email you for it. Never mention MLM, Network Marketing, Pyramid, etc. My suggestion is look at others ads and see how they word theirs. Advertise Your Business

#23. CraigsList- Passive Approach.  Instead of posting ads, look for people who are marketing “their” business and contact them. They may be ready to try something new or better than what they currently are doing. Advertise Your Business

#24. LinkedIn. This is what I call the upper class of social sites. Businessmen and women with a desire to create wealth are involved in a social network such as LinkedIn. Join specific groups that align with your opportunity, or groups you think would take an interest once they get to know you.  Then start sharing your business opp.Advertise Your Business

#25. FaceBook- Groups. Use the Same approach as in #23. Advertise Your Business

#26. FaceBook- Friends.  Reach out to your friends and ask them if they are open to earning extra income.

#27. Twitter. Without being redundant, use the same approach as you would in #22 and #23. Active and Passive. 

#28. YouTube. WOW! This is Big! Advertise Your Business

Making videos and posting to You Tube is FREE FREE FREE Advertising. If you’ve never done a video and shared it, there is always a first time for everything!  

#29. Flyers with tear off strips. This is pretty self explanatory. Make a Flyer with tabs across the bottom with your contact information and put them up where ever you are allowed to place flyers!

Advertise Your Business

Next, one of the biggest, most productive and important ways to Advertise Any Business... 

Advertise Your Business

#30. Start a BLOG.   This is a VITAL link to your SUCCESS! There are plenty of FREE ways to start a Blog website;,, I’m sure there are other sites, but these are the ones I am familiar with. Blogging can bring you leads, sales, and signups!  

FREE is not always the best way to go if you are going to devote a lot of time to a Blog.. 

 Advertise Your Business

Global Domains International 

You get much more than just a Blogging platform in GDI for only $10.00 a month! You can EARN money in GDI while using everything it offers to build your business. Join our TEAM ELITE and we give you a FREE Marketing System that will help you get leads which will convert into members for you. We have a FREE book we give to you teaching you how to get the Blog set up and seen on the first page of Google. This is invaluable to your success!

#1-#29 were ways to Advertise Your Business offline and #30 was Online, which again, I highly recommend starting a Blog,


Let’s look at some ways to Advertise Your Business ONLINE

 31. Traffic Exchanges.

SURFING Suggestions:

#1 Time Spent Surfing

Some people do little or no surfing on the Traffic Exchanges and wonder why they are not getting anywhere. Set yourself a target to surf a certain amount of time each day and your advertising credits will soon build up.

#2: Consider Upgrading your Membership

Traffic Exchanges offer many benefits for upgraded users such as a credits pack and higher surf ratio. The credits will be added to your account every month and save you a lot of time earning them. Upgrading costs a monthly fee and the price varies between each exchange.

#3: Consider Purchasing Credits

If you want more visitors in a shorter time then you should consider purchasing credits instead of earning them. This will save you hours of surfing. Only purchase credits if you can afford to spend money on advertising. 

#4: Regularly Assign Credits and set Auto-Assign

Some exchanges allow you to set a percentage of credits to your URLs. A setting of 100% will automatically assign all earned credits to one URL. If you have two URLS you could set the auto-assign to 50% for each one. Some exchanges allow you to manually assign your credits. I recommend you do this after each surfing session to make sure you are getting the benefit. If you win or earn extra credits while surfing, they must be assigned manually. The advantage to manually assigning credits is so all your credits are not used up all at once.

I manually assign 200 credits to each link for all 7 days in a week. This way, my credits are evenly used throughout the whole week. 

 GO>>>HERE for my top choices of Traffic Exchanges as well as tools that can help you go through multiple TE’s in Lightening speed!  


#32. Safelists- Are safe lists really SAFE?

Yes, that is WHY they are called SAFE LISTS! Better to go through a safelist to mail out your opportunity to strangers, than try to dig up a list on your own and send one out. You could be considered a spammer and get blocked, and worse yet, your email account shut down! If you bought a leads list with emails, then that would be different. People GAVE their information to be called and/or emailed.  This is a huge method used by many smart marketers.



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Earn Safe-list Credits the Easy Way. If You are going to use safe-lists, I highly recommend spending the $6 a month to save yourself much of your valuable time. This speeds up earning credits like you wouldn’t believe!  

check out the video!

Advertise Your Business


#33. Paid Classified sites. 

*These are FREE, but you can buy advertising credits if you are able to afford it in your budget.

1. Npros Classifieds

2. Apsense


#34. PTC Sites: Here are two examples. 

1. ClixSense

2. TheBlitzMarketing  Join and you are given 100,000 credits FREE!

Advertise Your Business

#35. Solo Ads.  

1. Mega Wealth Ultimate Marketing System

2. Extreme Solo Ads


#36. FREE Online Sites.  


2. Craigs List

3. Back Page

4. EbayClassifieds

5. Classified Giants

6. Adland Pro

7. OBOads

8. usfreeads

9. frogads 

10. MillionLeadsForFree

11. Herculist












Advertise Your Business

 #37. Lead System:

1. GetLeadsForFree


#38. Social Sites:

 Use social sites as much as possible, without coming across as if you are constantly trying to recruit. “Social people” don’t appreciate constant recruiting. I mix it inspirational, motivational, informative, and then business.

These are the 5 main ones I use, but there are hundreds now.

1. Twitter

2. FaceBook

3. LinkedIn

4. Google+

5. Pinterest


#39. Viral Ad Sites:

All you do is make your own banner, or use a banner from your company, post it after meeting the requirements. You have to view all the banners (5-8 usually), takes about 5 minutes or less, just one time, then you are done forever. One *site requires you to view 6-8 banners each time to post yours. Once viewed, you are allowed to place your banner on the site, it will then be in rotation and viewed by people who are required to do the same as you in order to use the site.

Some are Viral Text Ads. Try to keep your ad short, catchy, and to the point. See what ads catch your eye and create similar ads.  

You want to share your Viral Ad affiliate link from each site you join. This continuation of people signing up makes our banners go “viral” which is what we all want.

1Cash In On Banners (MY FAVORITE!) 

2. A-Z Ad Board

3. Ad Viralizer

4. Hot Link Cycler

5. 01Viral

6. FreeViral

7. Listviralizer

8. ViralRepeat*


 40.Free Banner Maker Sites: create your own unique banners to Advertise Any Business.

1. BannerFans

2. BannerSnack


 *Some businesses require a certain size banner. You can customize the size you need in these sites. 


#41. Splash Pages/Capture Pages

1. EasyHits4You. Free members can make 3 pages, upgraded is unlimited pages.

2. AIOPMy Favorite!  Make Professional looking Capture/squeeze/splash pages & earn money in AIOP


 #42. AD COOPS. These are inexpensive and they can produce Good results if used regularly.

1. MTE Advertising Coop (my Favorite)

2. The Legacy Team Coop


 To Recap and keep this as it simple as I can for you…

When you join a program or company, this is what I highly suggest you do:

#1. Join GDI right away and start working on a BLOG. Earn money in GDI.

#2. Open an account in “AIOP” make your own capture/splash pages. Earn money in AIOP.

#3. Join SAFE LISTS. Learn how to use a tab rotator and a Safelist mailer system as talked about above.

#4. Join CLICK EARNER, get it set up right away so earning mailing credits is much faster and easier.

#5. Join Traffic Exchanges and commit to surfing every week to earn advertising credits. 

#6. Join Traffic Browser to speed up surfing! 

#7. Get some Business Cards or Drop Cards made so you have something for Offline in Advertising Your Business. 

Select one method a week from above to implement into Advertising Any Business until you’re satisfied with your results. If you are not seeing any results, you need to re-evaluate what you are using and how you are using it.


They will work, but you need to use them faithfully in order for them to work for you!  




Advertise Your Business

Rhonda Taylor


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