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#3. In the box that says “Splash Page Name:” name your capture page. This can be anything you want. As I  make more pages, I name mine AIOP 1, AIOP 2, AIOP 3, etc.

#4. CLICK===> “CREATE SPLASH PAGE” after you name it.

#5. Choose “Picture Squeeze page” and click “Update Template”

#6. Scroll down, click===> GO BACK TO EDIT PAGE.

#7. Put in your Title, Description, Key Words.

Title: AIOP Team Honest (or whatever you want to title it)
Description: All In One Profits Has all the Tools You Will ever need to work online. OR again, whatever you want to put in there!
Key Words: All In One Profits,AIOP,autoresponder,tracker,rotator,hosting, work from home, earn, income, (etc)


#8. MAIN BACKGROUND COLOR==> D9D9D9 or choose your own background color.
Click on the box===> with the letters/numbers. This brings up a color chart. Choose a color.
Click anywhere on the page to close out the color box.


#9. BODY BACKGROUND COLOR ==>EBEBEB or choose your own color. Do the same as above in step 8.


#10. BORDER COLOR==> FFFFFF or choose your own color. Do the same as above in step 8.


#11. Auto responder HTML Code Box. (AR HTML Code)
This is where you will PASTE your HTML CODE for your OPT IN FORM you made in LESSON THREE.

After you made your opt in form,  you may have copied and pasted the HTML CODE  into a word document and saved it to your PC someplace to grab it. If you didn’t do this, you will need to stop working on your capture page for a moment, make sure you CLICK===> “UPDATE SETTINGS” so you save what you have done thus far on your capture page, and go to your directions in LESSON THREE that explains HOW TO FIND your HTML CODE for your opt in form. It tells you at the end of the lesson.

When you have your Optin Form Code copied, go back to the SPLASH BUILDER==>Splash Pages==>Edit Page directly across from the capture page you are currently creating. Right now, you most likely have only one listed.

Paste your opt in form HTML CODE into the BOX that says===>AR HTML Code then CLICK==>“UPDATE SETTINGS” 


#12. To see if your opt in form is on your page, click onVIEW YOUR SPLASH PAGE to see how it is looking. This opens in a new window so you will not lose your editing window.



This is going to be the main portion of your capture page that is the written part. You want this to be as informative and captivating as you can make it, and kept within an area that stays within the computer screen. If people have to scroll down and read rows and rows of paragraphs that rinse and repeat the opportunity, (which can be very boring!) chances are you won’t captivate a person long enough to fill out your capture page. Word it how it would GRAB YOU! Don’t lie, make false promises or large income claims. People see that way too often and are sick of it. Be honest, be transparent, and to the point!

CAPTURE PAGE: Send an email to: oxdriver7@gmail.com for the PDF containing the HTML CODE

Be sure to copy all the HTML code correctly. Do not copy the TITLE of the document, just the CODE.

STEPS To Paste Code into your Headline Text and Headline #2 Text 

1. CLICK===> “html”  icon in the menu of the Headline Text. It has a picture of a little broom next to the words. This opens a pop-up box. Copy the first section of HTML CODE sent to you and paste it in the pop up box.

2. CLICK===> UPDATE or INSERT, whichever yours says.


4. CLICK===>“View Your Splash Page” to see if it turned out ok and if you like it.

REPEAT STEPS 1-4 with the second section of HTML CODE and do the same thing in Headline #2 Text.



CLICK===> “CHANGE PICTURE” Select one of the many choices they provide you, or upload one of your own pictures. Be sure to click “UPDATE PICTURE” at bottom.

CLICK===> “GO Back To Edit Page”


CLICK===> “View Your Splash Page” see if you like it or need to change anything.

THIS IS A VERY BASIC CAPTURE PAGE. You can make your own as you become familiar with the Splash Builder in AIOP.

You can place a header image where the writing is, and put the writing in TEXT AREA 2. There are many options. You don’t have to do it exactly how I have it laid out. This is for those who do not know how to do this at all for the first time.

Here are 2 examples of capture page #1 using these directions:

Here I changed font and back ground colors:


WOW! If you made it all the way to here, you are DONE! CONGRATULATIONS! 

Always TEST your work. I fill in new capture pages I make with “Rhonda Test” .  As each message comes, check your links to make sure they are correct. After you receive your last message, (24 in all) remove yourself from your campaign to make room for someone else who may become your member. The AR messages are designed to last a whole month. After that, if they didn’t join, they probably never will. Or, they could at a later date if per chance they saved any of your messages. I’ve had that happen!

If you need help, just ask me and I will be glad to help you. If you are unable to do any of this, I do charge a one time fee of $25 to set the whole marketing system up for you, complete with both capture pages. After I test it to make sure I did everything right, I send your two capture page Urls for you to promote. All you’ll have to do is add your fixed members to your Sponsors Bonus Rotator as they join. Learn how to make your own capture pages to become unique to who YOU are. BRAND YOURSELF!

Have FUN! 


LESSON FIVE- How to use the Rotator in AIOP

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optin form
#1.LOG in to AIOP. Click===> Auto responder tab.

#2.Click===> Campaigns.

#3.Under login (last option next to action), Click===> GO to activate your AIOP Team Honest CAMPAIGN.

#4.Click===> PROSPECTS tab.

#5.Scroll down, last box, click==>HTML FORM.

#6.This brings up the form builder. DO NOT check any of the options that are phone, address, etc .
People will only put their  name and email. If they see they have to put in more info, they may not fill out your form.

*AIOP optin forms are set to use name and email. All other fields are opt.

#7.In each box it shows you the pre-set colors your optin form will be.
You can change the colors by clicking in the box. This brings up a color chart with many options. Have fun playing around with it.

#8.Under the color box options, you will see the option “BUTTON TEXT” It already says Sign Up! Or, delete those words and type in whatever you want your button to say.

Ex: Join Now, Start Today, Get Started, LEARN MORE!

#9.Under LAYOUT. It is showing you 2 choices where the word NAME and EMAIL will be placed on your form. It can be above the box, or to the side, your choice. You see the first choice is filled in. You can choose either one. This is personal preference.


#10.Once you have everything done the way you like it, CLICK===> “GENERATE HTML Form” This takes you to a new window showing you what your form will look like.

It has the code for you to copy. Click===> “SELECT ALL”  This highlights the whole code to copy it.  


#11. Make sure you SAVE your FORM by clicking on SAVE FORM before you leave the page. You can save  3 forms.

#12.How to find your OPTIN FORM HTML CODE once you’ve logged out of AIOP.
Go back and do steps #1-#5. You should see your saved optin form with the CODE in the box to select and copy.

#13. One very important step you’ll need to do next before you leave this lesson, is fill in two different Links (urls) in a specific area I am about to show you. Once a person fills in your opt in form, they will be re-directed to the pages you want them to see.

One will be called a Landing page, which you made in lesson 2. The other will be your AIOP website!

Go back to your Home Page:

Click==> Auto responder

Click==> Campaigns Find your AIOP Team Honest campaign and click on GO. At this point, people have often said they do not see anything happen. You’re right. The page changes so quickly we do not see it happen, but it does change it to the campaign you picked! Make sure you pick the right one!

Click==> Account

Click==> Edit Settings 

Scroll down a little until you see the box that says; “Signup Url” See red.

Put your Landing Page Link in that box. Then Click==> CHANGE right under it. Be sure to click this word or else your link will NOT be saved in here!

Once a person hits SEND, a new window will open with the landing page telling them to check their email for a confirmation link to click in order to activate their subscription to your AR messages. You should have made a landing page in LESSON TWO.


Now in the box that says Opt-in Url, you will paste your AIOP Link. Then Click==> CHANGE

This will take them to your AIOP website after a person clicks the confirmation link in the email they get, after filling out your opt in form. This will give them a chance to look over AIOP, and even join the business! Now you can go on to lesson 4…


LESSON FOUR: How To Build Your Own Capture Page

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LESSON FIVE: How to use your rotator in AIOP


The Rotator is nice to use if you want to promote more than one Url at a time, and you will only need to use one link to advertise all your Urls. If you are going to place your AIOP link in your rotator along with other links, you need to find it in your AIOP back office. 

aiop link
To find your AIOP Link:
Click PROMOTE in your back office, your AIOP link is the first one listed.


#2.Click on the tab that says “ROTATOR”.

Copy and Paste  Your AIOP link into your rotator. Yours will be the first one in the rotator.

PASTE your link in the BOX that says “ADD URL

IMPORTANT NOTE===> Delete the http:// out of the box before pasting the link.
You will have two (http://) in front of the URL and it will NOT work. Be sure to TEST your link after you’ve added it.



#3.Copy your ROTATOR URL.

This will be found at the top of your rotator box.
It should look like mine but will have your username at the end.
(example only===> http://www.allinoneprofits.com/rotator.php?id=oxdriver)


If you want to pause one of your sites in your rotator, under ACTION, across from the Url you wish to pause, click PAUSE.

This highlights the box so you know it is no longer active in the rotator.

To unpause/activate this link, click in the same box, UNPAUSE. It becomes the same color as the other links again. If you want to delete a link, click delete across from the Url you no longer want in your rotator.

What I like about using the rotator is if I change my mind about what I want to advertise in a site, I don’t have to log into all my advertsing sites to change it. I can log into AIOP, go to the rotator, and change it there and it’s done! 


LESSON SIX: How To Use The Tracker in AIOP

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#1.Log into AIOP. CLick on tab that saysAUTORESPONDER

#2.Click “CAMPAIGNS”

#3.Click “READY MADE CAMPAIGNS” under the words that say the following- ” load (reload) a ready made campaign”

#4.Fill in all the boxes under “Copy a campaign”

Box 1-Campaign ID: type AIOP Team Honest
Box 2-Campaign name: type in Your Full Name
Box 3-Campaign Email address: type in Your Email address
Box 4-User name or ID: type in Your Username when you joined AIOP
Box 5-Campaign number: Insert the campaign number sent to you in your welcome email

NOTE===>If you do not have it, Send an email to: oxdriver7@gmail.com to request this number


#5.This should take you back to the CAMPAIGN PAGE with all your messages loaded!

HOW TO SEE and EDIT YOUR MESSAGES if you want to change any of them, add, or delete messages.

NOTE: The messages are complete with everything needed as each one is sent out. You won’t need to edit them with additional information, unless you want to. They are set up with special codes that will automatically fill in the 3 important fields needed, your full name, email address and AIOP Url. Here are the instructions if you wish to edit messages to your liking.

#1.CLICK “GO” (far right) on your AIOP campaign


#3.CLICK “EDIT AUTORESPONDERS” this brings up a whole list of email messages.

#4.The first message has a DOT next to it. Scroll down, under the last message, click “SELECT MESSAGE”.  Make sure you do not click “delete message”. If you do by mistake, let me know.

#5.Scroll down until you  see the message in an editing box. Edit your message, then click  UPDATE MESSAGE.

#6.Write down which ones you have edited.

To edit the next message, click in the circle, the dot will show up. Scroll down, CLICK “SELECT MESSAGE”. Repeat the above steps.


LESSON TWO- How to Make Your Landing Page 


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