A Tracker? What is that for? Will it help me?


YOU don’t have to use it, but a tracker is something all clever online marketers like to use, for the very reason to see where the heaviest hits are coming from to their links.

#1.Log in to AIOP, click on==>TRACKER

#2.Type the name of what you are going to track in the box that says===> “Title

#3.Paste your URL in the BOX that says “put your url here

#4.Far right, CLICK===>ADD URL. You should see your URL you are going to track.

#5.You are given a NEW URL to Advertise in all your sites. This new link is under the Column titled “TRACKED URL“. Place this link in all your sites where ever you advertise.

#6.To see how many hits you are getting to your URL. Click===>SHOW STATS“. Here you will see your hit count.

Click===>TRAFFIC SOURCES” tab and you will see which sites are getting hits and how many.


I Trust You will use your NEW MARKETING SYSTEM to it’s fullest. Remember, you can set this whole marketing system up, but if you don’t use it and advertise your capture pages, it won’t get you any leads just sitting in your computer, even though it’s completed. Liken it to McDonalds creating a flyer to  advertise their best meals, and then placing the flyers in a box and storing it in a closet. No one will ever see it.

Same with your capture pages you created. You need to share them in as many ways as you possibly can!  

If you need tips and ideas how and where to advertise, go under the tab “How To advertise” here on my site. Safelists have been known to get a high click through rate along with people opting in, so make good use of Safelists. There is a way I share that will help you get through safelists fast. 

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Lesson Seven: HOW To Update AIOP Autoresponder Messages in a Shared Campaign


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