“Cherokee and Apaches Newest Litter”

Born November 11th, 2014

German Shepherd Puppies by Rhonda Clark

German Shepherd Puppies

♥♥♥German Shepherd Puppies♥♥♥

~7 Weeks Old~




german shepherd puppies

German Shepherd Puppies


Unspayed Black and Tan German Shepherd Female for Sale

german shepherd puppies

german shepherd puppies

Cherokee~The Mom

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies

Apache~ The Dad

(far Shepherd)

german Shepherd Puppies

(Apache on right, one of his sons on left!)Apache and Hansel



 Policy to purchase a Shepadoodle or German Shepherd Puppy

1. $100 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit (which is deducted from the full amount owed) is required to keep your name on the list for a puppy. This ensures me that you are serious about a puppy. This deposit is required when the puppies reach  2 weeks of age. Where ever you are on the list, that is where you remain to pick out your puppy.

2. If you are serious about having your puppy shipped to you, they are flown Delta Airlines using DASH and C.O.D. this ensures a straight through flight with one or two quick stops and no layovers. You will schedule the flight as well as pay for the flight. They accept all major credit cards. We will talk about the flight time and day prior to scheduling so it fits both of our schedules. The average cost thus far for the ticket has been around $378-$425 depending on the age and weight of the puppy and size crate. Delta will inform you of your fee once we know all the final details of the puppies weight and crate size.

FEES to be paid prior to Puppy being shipped:

 Airline Approved Crate: $120.00

Vet Fees: $80.00 (includes Shipping papers, exam, shots, worming)

Time, Gas, & supplies for shipping: $100.00 (food, dishes, etc)


*It isn’t cheap to ship a puppy, but worth it if you get one from a reputable Breeder who can be trusted. Do your homework ahead of time. Get references from the breeder, including me. If a breeder is not willing to provide references of past and present customers, I would refrain from purchasing from them!

FEES prior to shipping need to be paid in full by Pay Pal or Bank Transfer Deposit before puppy is taken to vet , supplies purchased and shipped. If per chance the puppy does not pass the vet check, (in the 16 years I have been doing this, I’ve never had one fail yet!)  you have the option to pick out another puppy (if there are more available) to be taken to get vet checked, or,  a refund of money paid down minus the Vet Fee.

(Long distance shipping I do not accept money orders or checks)


PRICE of Puppies: 

German Shepherd Puppies$800.00

Shepadoodle Puppies$800.00

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale
Puppies for sale in New York
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