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AIOP Compensation Plan by Rhonda Taylor


AIOP Compensation Plan can be a very good way to earn Residual Monthly Income, month, after month, after month… 

Let’s look at some of the highlights of the AIOP Compensation Plan:

  • A simple, innovative “Even up” system.
  • An excellent compensation plan.
  • $10-$15 for each referral in your downline.
  • 100% payout on the Basic level.
  • Bonus earned on Pro Level members.
  • Break even with your first referral (2 members, you’re into profit)

Here is a quick video on the AIOP Compensation Plan:

One of the nice features about the AIOP compensation plan is their “Even up ” formula. It entails a pay it forward concept that can be a real blessing to you. You could very well end up receiving more than you pass up as YOUR members pay it forward to you, by passing up every other member who joins them in AIOP.

It may seem like you are passing up a lot of referrals to your sponsor…not so. You pass ONLY the  even referrals across the WIDTH. Here is the good part, just think about it for a moment: YOU, as the SPONSOR, will receive ALL the even referrals passed to you by your deep downline. AIOP compensation plan pays to infinity. The potential as to what you can earn is unlimited. Some companies place a cap on how deep or wide you can earn, as well as how much sometimes. Not AIOP! The owners desire to see all of us who are serious, earn as much as we desire, or need. That is truly a blessing! AIOP Compensation Plan

AIOP Compensation Plan

This is how it works……  
You will pass up all EVEN referrals, then you will keep all your uneven or (Odd) referrals. Your #2, #4, #6, #8 referrals will be passed up to your upline. You will keep the #1, #3 , #5, #7 or all the uneven (Odd) referrals. These referrals are also called fixed referrals. AIOP Compensation Plan

You will be paid $10 monthly residual income for each uneven referral who joins with you in AIOP. ($15 monthly, plus a one time $3 bonus for someone coming in at the Pro level). These members are called your “fixed” members. They will stay with you, paying you, as long as they remain in AIOP as  paid member.

AIOP Compensation Plan

Here Is An Illustration Of The AIOP Compensation Plan….

AIOP compensation plan

 AIOP Compensation Plan

Remember, you get to keep all the uneven (odd) referrals sponsored by you, they are your fixed referrals. AIOP Compensation Plan

Each fixed referral will start a NEW line for YOU. Just imagine the potential to have an infinite number of downline members passing up to you, who will also become your paying members. The potential for income is unlimited.

All your fixed referrals will pass to you ALL their Even referrals. Number 2,4,6,8,…to infinity Every even referral passed to you will also pass to you all of their even referrals , number 2,4,6,8…to infinity.

This process will repeat on every level deep to infinity. Listed below is an example of how they will pass to you each, their 3 even referrals with only 3 wide-open referrals. Your ability to earn is unlimited as it continues to grow wide and deep.  AIOP Compensation Plan

All In OneAIOP compensation planProfits Compensation Plan

AIOP Compensation Plan

All the successful companies like AT&T, Direct TV or Time Warner use the residual income business model to build their business, just like the AIOP compensation plan.

Customers are required to pay them month after month. This is a recurring payment coming in each and every month. All they had to do was build it once, and then it keeps paying them month after month for work they did years ago.

That is exactly what AIOP compensation plan does too.

You may be thinking these numbers look good, but what about AIOP’s retention rate? Great question, let’s address that…

All In One Profits has a very good retention rate, first, because of the low cost of all the tools and resources they offer. Second, because of the unlimited, 100% payout compensation plan. Third, by having their AIOP account covered by just having one member under them, and to be in profit with their second member. And lastly, your team members  have access to great online marketing products, E-book library and training.

There are more things I could list, but these are the main reasons I’ve seen why people stay with AIOP for a long time.  AIOP Compensation Plan

AIOP compensation plan

AIOP compensation plan

Rhonda Taylor



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