Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money by Rhonda Clark

Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Ambit Energy l Yes, You Really Can Earn Money

Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

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Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Why You Can Earn Money In AMBIT ENERGY

Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

#1: Unlimited ability to earn instant income as well as residual income, and earn Free Time!

Having time to spend on what matters is huge for most people. Finding a business opportunity that pays residual income is critical.

The difference between linear and residual income is life changing.  Linear income keeps you tied down to a job.  Residual income gives you back your time by creating financial freedom. Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

  • LINEAR INCOME is earned when you do something once and get paid for it once.
  • RESIDUAL INCOME is earned when you do something once and get paid for it over and over and over.

Most people in America earn linear income.  To earn money, you must show up to a J.O.B., or sell products & services over and over.  If you want to earn more income, you must get a better paying job, a second job, or sell more products/services.  No matter what you may earn, it is connected to your job or selling products/services.  If you stop working, or stop selling products/services, the cash flow stops too.  You stop getting paid.  While many entrepreneurs have the freedom and flexibility to set their schedule and how much they earn, they too often get paid through linear income.  For most business owners, it is the most frightening, and least secure, part of owning their own business, because all earnings are dependent on their ability to keep working. Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Residual income is different — and it’s how most wealthy people create their financial freedom.  They invest their time once, then get paid for it over and over. The ability to earn residual income — and help others do the same — is what attracts many savvy, professional business oriented people to a company like Ambit Energy. Ambit business owners leverage the power of a system that keeps working for themselves– even when there’re no longer working it.  It’s a business that can be transferred, sold, or willed – which means the business can passed on down to your children and grandchildren, or a church, charity or cause that is important to you.  By gathering a few customers, helping others to do the same, you and your team members earn a commission every time customers pay their energy bill — now, and long into the future.

The best part of Ambit’s compensation plan is that it includes both linear and residual income.  Linear income begins quickly and is paid weekly as you build your team and everyone gathers customers.   The residual income builds over time and is paid monthly, as your team grows, more customers are added and pay their energy bills.  You only need 20 personal customers to earn the full compensation plan with Ambit. Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

#2: Exceptional Value for Customers and Consultants-Earn Free Energy

Ambit Energy offers consultants and customers the incredible opportunity to earn free energy. Ambit is quickly rising to become the largest independent retail energy provider in America, the largest direct sales retail energy provider in the world and, one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. Incredible savings such as free energy, combined with no contracts, no cost to enroll, no cancellation fees and award-winning excellent customer care, creates a wonderful partnership with Ambit Energy. Everyone uses electricity and natural gas.  Everyone wants to pay less for it — or get it for free. This is not a selling business, it’s a sharing business.  Share with people how they can save money with free energy, or save and earn money by telling others about free energy. This business is all about helping others — and that’s something many of us like to do. That’s all there is to it.  Put Ambit’s free energy advantage to work for you.  Learn how you can help others, and yourself, get your electricity and natural gas for free.  Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

#3: Simplified Business Plan For Consultants and Customers Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn MoneyAmbit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

For you as a consultant: You can run your business from anywhere — Ambit Energy Consultants are in every state — even those not yet deregulated or open to Ambit Energy’s service.  Your own personal website, including a back office called Power Zone, makes it easy to run your business. You have all the  tools needed for enrolling & tracking customers & team members, track earnings, training & development, communication, marketing, events & meetings, and for your own growth.  Ambit is a referral business, not a product business.  There are no inventories, no deliveries and no collections.  Ambit is a sharing business, not a selling business.   Customers already use electricity and natural gas; it already comes to their homes every day, so you don’t have to sell them on why they need it or teach them how to use it.  Enrollment is easy for customers and for yourself — in less than 5 minutes you can enroll a customer and be done. Customers can be enrolled in any market that Ambit serves — consultants in California can enroll customers in New York and vice versa.  Consultants in Alaska can enroll customers in CA & NY, even though Alaska is not yet an Ambit state.  (Currently, Ambit Energy offers service in California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Main and Virginia – with more markets opening up each year.  Ambit is a people helping people business — we gather customers and help them save money from month to month, and then we help others do the same.

For customers: Ambit guarantees the switch to Ambit will be seamless and flawless.  Nothing changes for the customer. In all markets outside of Texas, deregulation allows the incumbent utility to bill customers, receive payments, read meters, and respond to outages or safety concerns — just like they do now.  Ambit Energy is listed as the energy supplier on the utility bill.  With Ambit there is no cost to enroll, no contracts, and no cancellation fees – even on fixed plans.  Ambit does not lock loyalty in with contracts and fees, like many other energy providers do.  Instead, Ambit earns loyalty the right way, with award-winning customer care and greater value.  In several states, Ambit Energy offers Guaranteed Savings Plans.  This combination makes Ambit Energy the preferred choice for educated customers who have the power to choose their energy provider.  When service and value are top-notch for customers, consultants win too!

Partnering with the right team of Ambit Energy business partners is essential to help grow your business too.  Our Ambit team has designed an outstanding support system tailored to all walks of life.  We are part of the fastest growing team in Ambit Energy and we know how to help you jump-start your business quickly and keep you focused, trained, and encouraged along the way — helping you and your team grow and earn financial freedom. Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

#4: Well-Positioned to Excel in the Massive Energy Market  Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

When asked by a young, female university student ‘which industry will produce the next Bill Gates,’ the legend himself said, “energy is an exciting industry that will create great careers in the decades ahead.”  Warren Buffet said “energy deregulation will create the greatest transfer of wealth history has ever seen.”  And Jack Welch said “energy deregulation will be bigger than the Internet.”  Why will energy be so big?  And why is Ambit, and Independent Consultants partnered with them, well positioned to capitalize on the opportunities in energy? Perhaps those questions are best answered by a few more…..  Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

1) How many people do you know that use electricity and/or natural gas?

2) How many would like to pay less for it, or potentially get it for free?

3) How would you like to make thousands of dollars, and build recurring, residual income, referring people to that offer? Learn how.

#5: Integrity of the CEO and the Company 

Reason #5 is essential in order to sustain success in any business.  The integrity of Ambit Energy, and the leaders who have empowered the growth now and for our future, is the foundation of long-term success for business partners.  It starts with the company vision.

Ambit Energy’s vision is to be the finest and most respected retail energy provider in America.

Ambit Energy is committed to never sacrificing integrity for growth.  Because of their stand and commitment along with their vision, it’s the very reason Ambit Energy has grown quickly in its first 8 years — earning a host of accolades for excellence along the way.  Learn more about Ambit Energy…..  Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Summing It Up…….

Energy deregulation opens massive potential for business owners: Everyone uses electricity and/or natural gas.  Deregulation now gives a choice on who provides our energy and how much we pay for it.  Energy is the largest — and last — industry to deregulate.  It will only happen once and it is happening now — making now the critical time for entrepreneurs to best capitalize on the opportunity it presents.  In the U.S. alone, when all 50 states are deregulated, $500 billion will transfer from utility monopolies to energy providers offering customers a greater value.  Other countries around the world are deregulating too — creating global opportunity for Ambit Energy and its business partners. Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Ambit Energy is an excellent energy partner: Ambit is best positioned to capitalize on the opportunities in energy deregulation.  They have partnered with Shell, the largest oil and gas company in the world, ensuring energy needs of customers will be met.  They’ve created and patented the BlueNet™ system, which delivers comprehensive account management and unmatched billing, usage and service access. This saves time and gives the Customer Care Team everything they need to deliver the top-rated service Customers want and the responsive results they deserve. This system allows Ambit us the opportunity to offer free energy to customers who refer others — a benefit only Ambit offers.   Ambit’s leadership team has proven experience creating and building other companies to successful, historic highs, both nationally and worldwide. Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Ambit’s outstanding compensation attracts exceptional business partners:  Current Ambit Energy Independent Marketing Consultants have created healthy five, six, and seven figure residual incomes very quickly — and most have done so with part-time hours, while working another full-time job.  At $429, the price for partnering with Ambit is an incredibly small investment when compared to the opportunity it presents for business partners who choose to engage it.  Ambit’s compensation plan includes both linear and residual income.  Ambit customers stay loyal for two reasons:  First, Ambit offers them excellent customer care and value.  Second, Ambit intentionally asks each consultant to enroll just 20 personal customers, thus creating personal customer care from the friend or family member who enrolled them.   Combined, this creates greater customer loyalty and retention, ensuring the Ambit compensation plan works continuously for business partners too.  Ambit works because everybody wins.  Customers save — some even earn free energy; consultants save and earn, and Ambit grows too.  It’s a refreshing way of doing business that benefits all. Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Person to person marketing works.  We’ve spent a lifetime purchasing electricity and natural gas through utility monopolies, so it’s understandable when some people wonder why Ambit Energy chose direct sales to market its service and enroll customers.  Ambit does so for one reason — it works.  And in today’s world, referrals and recommendations through the networks of friends and family works better than traditional advertising.  Companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest are a great example of its power.  Ambit uses a similar approach, but with one key difference — consultants and customers get rewarded for those referrals.  Customers earn FREE ENERGY and travel rewards — and consultants earn free energy and hundreds, thousands, and, for some, millions, in income.  Rather than pay millions to Wall Street advertising firms, Ambit pays millions to local people throughout the markets they serve — through free energy, bonuses, and residual commissions.  It’s another reason we appreciate Ambit Energy — they help put more money on Main Street vs. Wall Street.  In less than 8 years, this approach has attracted over 1 million loyal customers and over $1 billion in revenue — making Ambit Energy one of a handful of privately held companies who have experienced this level of growth and success so quickly.

There is no question that Ambit works — and works well to earn money as well as save money.  

In the next couple years, Ambit expects to double what it took seven to do, leaving the window of opportunity wide open for those who see and wish to seize this incredible opportunity. Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

It would be my sincere privilege to help you build a business that partners with that success. Connect with us.

Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Special Promotion! Join Ambit Energy today for FREE!

Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

  Rhonda Clark


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Ambit Energy-Can You Really Earn Money

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