The Online Ad Network is incredibly Simple to use and works!

by Rhonda Clark

You can place unlimited amounts of Banners and Text ads as often and as much as you want in The Online Ad network!

You will use The Online Ad Network to advertise whatever business or program you are involved in to bring in income from people when they join your business, using unlimited banners and text ads. Now when I said unlimited, I mean UNLIMITED! I will explain why placing hundreds of banners and text ads will be very advantageous after you watch the video…it will make a huge difference to take advantage of the UNLIMITED feature! This is one way you earn, the way you have been wanting to earn all along! 

The other way you will earn money when I said “both ways” when using The Online Ad Network, is earning money when sharing this advertising platform to people, because this system pays you monthly residual income when others use this program to advertise. You only need to have 3 people using this, and yours is FREE! And it gets better…get more people signed up under those 3, and it starts building a nice monthly income for you while you’re using it to advertise your own business or program that will be bringing in more money for you when people join your opportunity.There is spillover in this, which means, you could have people placed under you without having to ever advertise this. 

A quick note about the spillover. There are NO sponsoring requirements with The Online Ad Network.

It’s very possible that you could have a down line started by way of “spillover” from an aggressive up line person.

When people ask, “How long will it take to start seeing spillover? I need to start earning money right away!” I have to admit it makes me smile and I want to say; if you want to make money “right away”, my recommendation is that you start promoting “right away”!

Yes… spillover can and will happen.
BUT NO… I can’t tell anyone how soon they will see spillover from their up line. Your guess is as good as mine!

With The Online Ad Network, you can earn in one of two ways:

#1 CREATE your own Success.
#2 WAIT for your Success to “just” happen.

Option #1 means that you are going to take responsibility for your own success and create your income by referring others.

Option #2 simply means that you will have to be very patient while you wait for someone else to create spillover from their efforts. Again, how soon will this happen? I have NO idea! If it were me, I wouldn’t hang around and wait, I would get started with #1, and let #2 just happen. That will speed the whole process up doing both ways!

I spend time to create 2-6 ads every day and place them on here. WHY? Ads are UNLIMITED! The more ads you place on here, the more exposure you are going to get. Make it a priority, every day to place at least 1 ad. Learn to make your own banners, use your site banners, create text ads, change a few words in an ad you already have and post it again. You can be as creative as you want, or as repetitious with just a few changes. As long as you are consistently placing ads, daily, weekly, monthly. 



Now, watch the video to see how The Online Ad Network can bring you real time leads, who in turn could bring you income and also help earn  extra income all at the same time.


Some Facts that are important to remember when using The Online Ad Network:

*It has a 3×10 forced matrix which pays out $88,000 per MONTH if filled. Advertise this in other places! 

*To get more impressions – place more ads!

*There are no limitations on how many ads you can place, the more the better for your opp. to be seen!

*The only catch is – they “expire in a month” so you need to set up your ads at least every month.

Probably a good strategy by Brian Rooney, (co-founder of Traffic Wave) to be sure useless ads are purged.


Summing up The Online Ad Network...

Stop Clicking for Credits, Start Getting Results with The Online Ad Network!

Get PAID While You Are Building Your Business and Generate YOUR Own MLM Leads!

Excellent Step-by-Step Training to Help You Go From Broke to Earning Online!

Find out how you can fund your traffic while increasing it exponentially!

***Remember, you are not going to rock the boat if you only place a couple ads, sit back and wait for something to happen! You need to carve out time, every day, take 15 minutes a day and place 5 new ads, banner or text, read others and get ideas if you run out, google how to write catchy text ads, anything, just DO IT!   

This is the absolute best *follow-me* system I’ve experienced to date, so I highly recommend it.


Click the Picture and let’s get Started !!!


The Online Ad NetworkThink about it for a minute: 10 Levels of Compensation Plan, No Sponsoring Required To Earn Commissions, Unlimited Text Ads, 15 Day FREE Trial to Get Started…Don’t waste time, do it now! 

The Online Ad Network


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