LESSON FIVE: How to use your rotator in AIOP


The Rotator is nice to use if you want to promote more than one Url at a time, and you will only need to use one link to advertise all your Urls. If you are going to place your AIOP link in your rotator along with other links, you need to find it in your AIOP back office. 

aiop link
To find your AIOP Link:
Click PROMOTE in your back office, your AIOP link is the first one listed.


#2.Click on the tab that says “ROTATOR”.

Copy and Paste  Your AIOP link into your rotator. Yours will be the first one in the rotator.

PASTE your link in the BOX that says “ADD URL

IMPORTANT NOTE===> Delete the http:// out of the box before pasting the link.
You will have two (http://) in front of the URL and it will NOT work. Be sure to TEST your link after you’ve added it.



#3.Copy your ROTATOR URL.

This will be found at the top of your rotator box.
It should look like mine but will have your username at the end.
(example only===> http://www.allinoneprofits.com/rotator.php?id=oxdriver)


If you want to pause one of your sites in your rotator, under ACTION, across from the Url you wish to pause, click PAUSE.

This highlights the box so you know it is no longer active in the rotator.

To unpause/activate this link, click in the same box, UNPAUSE. It becomes the same color as the other links again. If you want to delete a link, click delete across from the Url you no longer want in your rotator.

What I like about using the rotator is if I change my mind about what I want to advertise in a site, I don’t have to log into all my advertsing sites to change it. I can log into AIOP, go to the rotator, and change it there and it’s done! 


LESSON SIX: How To Use The Tracker in AIOP

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