Simply Straws – Reusable Glass Straws

Simply Straws – reusable glass straws by Rhonda clark

Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

Simply Straws - Reusable Glass Straws

In 2011, the Sladics’ family began “Simply Straws”, a reusable drinking straw alternative to the common plastic straws. With a passion to educate the public on the effects of plastic pollution, and a commitment to work with organizations minimizing plastics-we began. Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

“After 31 years as a Dental Hygienist I discovered that I was always adapting mediocre products to help my patients with dental problems such as teeth sensitivity, staining and erosion issues.  I felt compelled to provide a product for my patients that was safe for them and the environment,” says Cyndi Sladics, mother and founder of Simply Straws. “Talking this over with my family we all agreed it was time to make a product that I was confident to recommend and know it was the best of the best for my patients. We took my knowledge of science and health, my husband’s love of creating, my son’s youthfulness and my daughters’ passion to protect the environment to provide for you our reusable drinking straws. A solution to a problem that effects all of us.” Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

 Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

Together we have collaborated to form “Simply Straws”, where we have consciously chosen to care.  Our products are reusable, sustainable, durable, biodegradable and handmade with intention in USA. Our colors are non-toxic, our materials bpa free, our sleeves made from fair-trade, organic hemp, flax, and cotton. Our web hosting and printing powered by eco energy, we use non-toxic dyes and fsc certified 100% post consumer recycled paper for business material.  All packaging is compostable.

Simply Straws is proud to be a Clean Energy business and EPA Green Power Partner.  By supporting local wind and solar projects through national clean energy provider, Arcadia Power, we are helping to reduce America’s dependence on dirty fossil fuels.
We are committed to building a brighter future for everyone by using renewable power, supporting local green jobs that cannot be outsourced, and fighting pollution and climate change.

Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

Bisphenol A (BPA) Facts

Bisphenol A is a chemical building block used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. Studies have linked BPA to hormone disruption, increased breast and prostate cancer cell growth, and early onset puberty, and obesity. Remove and replace.

Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

Plastic Straw Facts

More than 500 million disposable plastic straws are used in the United States every day and would fill more than 127 school buses daily, or more than 46,400 school bus loads per year. (40ft. – long buses)*

*The amount of disposable straws distributed for use in the US were provided by straw manufacturers estimates. While this estimate may sound high, many environmental groups believe that these numbers are low, as it does not include straws that are attached to juice boxes and milk cartons.

Make the choice to not use disposable straws; in doing so, you will be choosing better health for you and reducing the amount of waste and little going into our landfills, oceans, lakes, rivers, and countryside.

Some plastics slowly leak harmful chemicals into everything they touch. Whether it’s through your one-time use water bottle, children’s toys or household products, we know that Plastic Sucks!

Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it photo-degrades, which means the material breaks into tiny little toxic pieces. That means that every piece of plastic that has been made still exists in some shape or form!

Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

 Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

If you believe that health and wellness come from the environment, that business is responsible for positive change and that we can leave this big blue planet better than we found it, then you LOVE BLUE…

Simply Straws – reusable glass straws

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simply straws reusable glass straws

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