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TaylorMade Instrument lessons by Rhonda Taylor

Do you, or someone you know, have a desire to learn how to play an instrument? Maybe you home school your children and desire for them to have music as part of their schooling, or may even be required to incorporate music, but have no resources to do so. TaylorMade Lessons is here to help you. TaylorMade Instrument Lessons

TaylorMade Instrument Lessons

TaylorMade Instrument Lessons

Music can be healing, restorative and calming to our soul. It can also have a positive influence on ones emotional well-being, along with improving your memory and finger dexterity. When playing a wind instrument, such as the flute, clarinet, trumpet, harmonica, etc…it has the potential to increase your lung capacity, as well as strengthen the arms and certain facial muscles. Studies have shown that babies respond to music before they’re even born. Music can have positive effects on the body such as; lowering blood pressure, help relieve pain, increase productivity, focus better on a job, and can even help one to complete a task more efficiently. We can see how playing an instrument can be therapeutic, not only to the person playing, but to those listening.

Brief overview: 

Lessons are given in our home. Students come for a weekly lesson, 4 times a month. Lessons are 1/2 hour and 1 hour sessions. I recommend 1/2 hour lessons for children under the age of 13. Students, 13 and above, and especially adults, I highly suggest the 1 hour session. 

Pricing, scheduling, conditions and agreement are on the next page, with a list of the basic instruments one can learn to play. Tutoring can be provided for all woodwind and brass.   

Ages 5 through Seniors are welcome.  Adults, it is never too late to learn!   



for Specifics on Instruments-Prices-Schedules

Instrumental Lessons

To Make arrangements for Private Lessons:

Call or write to:

Rhonda  Taylor



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