Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons by Rhonda Taylor

INSTRUMENTS you can learn!


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons


I provide tutoring on all woodwind and brass instruments for those wanting short term assistance in mastering techniques and skills necessary to play in bands and groups. Band teachers, this can be a great help with students who are struggling to master an instrument. Give me a call if you have, or know of any students who desire to improve on their skills. I’ve seen the difference it has made over the years, and have had quite a few band instructors quite pleased with the results it had on the student, and the band as a whole.

Instrumental Lessons


Instrumental Lessons

Days of the Week Lessons are given:


Mornings: 9 am – 12 pm

Afternoons: 1 pm – 8 pm


Duration of Lesson:

1/2 hour lesson 

$80.00 per month

(Recommended for ages 5-12 years)

Instrumental Lessons

1 hour lesson 

$150.00 per month

(Recommended for ages 13 on up to Seniors)

Instrumental Lessons

Lessons Per Month:

A total of 4 lessons are given each month, which will be recorded in a log book. When all 4 lessons have been completed within the month, the student or parent, and myself, will sign the log book. If a holiday falls on a lesson day, we will reschedule a different day the same week, or, if there are 5 weeks in the month, it can be given in the alternate 5th week. It is totally your option to skip a lesson altogether, but keep in mind, there will be no refunds. (Please see Policy below)

Instrumental Lessons


Lessons are given in our home, in the quiet town of Fairfield, Washington. 

instrumental lessons


Conditions & Agreement

Once you have signed up for lessons, you have made a commitment to a time slot for each week at the same time, same day.  That time slot is yours, whether you show up or not. You are responsible to pay for your scheduled time slot, to retain the full month, in advance, on the first of each month. The sum total of $80, or, $150, can be paid via check, money order, or cash.

Payments are made the first week of each new month. A bill is sent home with the student at the end of the previous month, and returned the following week. If the first week is a  holiday week, then it is to be brought the next scheduled lesson.

No refunds are given unless there has been a serious incident in which lessons had to be abruptly halted due to a serious illness, accident, or family issue which required immediate cancellation of future lessons.

Lessons missed due to sickness, serious issues, or bad weather are not reimbursed, but re-scheduled for a different day as soon as possible. Sometimes a lesson can be doubled up the following scheduled lesson day to make up the previous missed lesson.  If a lesson is missed due to forgetting, or student didn’t feel like coming, it is not made up.

Students are encouraged to practice for at least 30 minutes a day. Young or beginner students may not have enough material to sit for 30 minutes, so the suggestion is to play through the lesson material 3 times. Once the material becomes more advanced, sitting for 30 minutes is easy to accomplish, and can easily turn into hours of enjoyment!

Learning can be fun, enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling…but remember, it will take effort and a commitment to learning a new skill.

Instrumental Lessons

To Make arrangements for Private Lessons:

Call or write to:

Rhonda  Taylor


Instrumental Lessons


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